Melo Pulls Out All The Tricks to Win Lala Back

As we’ve all heard, Carmelo and Lala Anthony have been separated since reports of him cheating and impregnating a jumpoff surfaced back in April. While we are not sure if these allegations are true, it’s safe to say Melo must have been crazy to cheat on Lala. She has an amazing personality and body to match.

Well, it seems like Melo has come to his senses and began to woo his wife back into his arms and he is pulling out all the tricks. From inviting her on trips (the two were spotted on a family trip to Miami this weekend), calling and texting her all the time and as of yesterday, expressing his love on social media. Check out the post below. Now ladies, as millennial as it may sound, when your guy showcases your on his social page it’s basically telling the thotties to step off. So it’s safe to say Melo has turned a new leaf and is ready to be the husband Lala deserves.




We’re not sure if the couple reconciled, but we’re rooting for them and their beautiful family. Let us know what you think below. – xo L

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