Shoe Game: Flutter Away In Sophia Webster Heels

Shoe fanatics and shoeaholics I have found an amazing pair of heels for you. It may be quite possible that this gem was only hidden from me, in which case, where have I been?!? Either way, I present to you shoe perfection otherwise known as Sophia Webster’s Talulah heels. This beautiful work of art looks as if it was constructed in heaven by the shoe god himself and bestowed upon us. While the $595 price tag may be steep, I look at it as a fashion investment haha. The details of the 3D fairy wings on the back of the 4-inch pin heels caught my eye as I scrolled through my Instagram feed and now I must have them. Not to mention my 4-year-old daughter saw them and wants the “butterfly” shoes as well. Luckily Sophia Webster makes sandals for girls or that would have been an argument in my home. So there you have it, ladies. Turn heads and flutter away in Sophia Webster’s Talulah heels this season.


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6 thoughts on “Shoe Game: Flutter Away In Sophia Webster Heels

  1. In my heart I’m a shoenista if that’s a thing. But being that I’m also 6’4 tall fate has not smiled on that wish.

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