Luxy Purse Review: Yay or Nay???

We can all appreciate good monthly subscription boxes, right? Whether it’s food, shoes, makeup or razors, there is something for everyone. Add to the fact that we as individuals are always on the go, having a little box filled with our wants and needs routinely delivered to our doorstep is convenient. Well, I recently went on the hunt to find a club that catered towards purse lovers and I stumbled upon Luxy Purse. I know what you’re thinking, sites like JustFab or ShoeDazzle offer them, but I wanted a company the was exclusive to purses. So I signed up to receive a purse worth $150+ every month for $39.95. Perfect right? Well, every shopping experience is unique in its own rights and Luxy Purse was no different. It had its fair share of pros and cons. Check them out below:


Delivery Time – My purse was delivered in a timely manner. It took about 7 business days as promised and my package was not damaged.

Purse Quality – The purse itself was nice. It was trendy and the yellow color screamed “springtime”. Outside of a faulty purse zipper (which I fixed), the purse was what I thought it may be.

Purse Giveaway – When you sign up for Luxy Purse you automatically enter to win a free Gucci purse and every month you are a member so forth.


Style Profile – Unlike its competitors, Luxy Purse does not offer a style profile for its consumers. This means they provide a purse based on what they have in stock and not what suits you best.

Sign In Option – When you sign up for Luxy Purse they don’t have a sign in option to review important things like tracking, shipping, payment information or etc. I account that to new business woes as the company is fairly new to the scene.

Customer Service – The worse thing about Luxy Purse was trying to reach a customer service rep. I called for three days straight to get some sort of shipping update with no luck. It wasn’t until I called the company out on Instagram that I received a response. Smh.

Product Presentation – When you think of a subscription club, you would think you would receive your product in cute packaging. Nope! I received my purse in a clear plastic bag with no thank you note or marketing material included. One thing that makes or breaks a company to me is product presentation. Two thumbs down Luxy Purse.

Luxy Purse
Luxy Purse

Needless to say, I opted to discontinue my subscription as the pros outweighed the cons. If you ever tried Luxy Purse, let’s hear about your experience in the comments below. xoxo

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      1. Definitely. I expected packaging that was a good representation of the company. It’s all about how you market your company and that was a complete miss for them.

  1. I just spoke to customer service to cancel my subscription after just receiving my first purse. I too, was not impressed with the presentation and packaging. It came in a clear plastic bag with a generic white tag. Reminded me of something you would get from overseas or the LA garment district. The purse itself is cute however the gold metal hardware is scratched up and there is a small patch at the bottom of the purse that is missing color. Bummed because I would have totally loved the 1 purse a month subscription. I hope they work out all their kinks and get it together. I am all about new start up companies and will support them when possible.

    1. I feel the same way. Once they improve somethings I would definitely consider signing up for their subscription again.

  2. I signed up and got my first purse – looked like a $7 purse I would buy at walmart. The purse was ugly, the quality cheap and it came in plastic bag with no return label. I immediately called to cancel subscription and they sent me an email with the cancellation and said would have an attachment with a return shipping label. never got return shipping label. so I called back and they said they would resend it but to check spam. nothing there. this was on a saturday. called the following day and was told doesnt have the tool to send email on weekend. Wtf? how is that possible? I was then told had to have a sup send it and still have yet to get it. If I dont get the return shipping label by next day I am disputing with bank.

    1. I am with you = purses are just UGLY – they still had not sent my return label and I now cant get a refund for the first ugly purse – VERY disappointed. I would not use them~! Canceled my membership .

  3. I just received my first “platinum” purse and it’s chesp cheap cheap. The outside is poorly constructed not to mention something I would never carry. The inside smells like hypoxy glue and cheap plastic. This purse looks like you could buy it at target for $19.99 (if it was full priced). Needless to say I thought for $85 I would be getting a much nicer product. I’ve called customer service many times already to no avail. I’ll be canceling this subscription.

    1. Exactly! Horrible service with cheap knock offs! And you probably could buy their purses at Target for $20!!

  4. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS SUBSCRIPTION (SCAM!!) SERVICE!! I signed up for the platinum membership at $80/month. I was so excited to get my first bag, that according to their website, would be valued at about $400 (they claim they’re worth 5 times the subscription cost). BS!! I got that thing, and it was more like a cheap knockoff $30 purse! Besides the fact that it did come in a ripped plastic bag, the stitching was awful, the hardware was cheap, it was peeling all, over, it was made of cheap fake leather, and had numerous imperfections. Now, I’m not a purse snob but I have enough $300-$500 purses to know that this was nothing like them!
    So I contacted customer service to cancel, they offered to send another bag from their catalog, so I gave them a second chance… the bag never came. I called again only to be told they were or out of stock. Ok, could nobody have told me this? Once again, I go through the catalog to choose another, which I received today. Guys, I looked the purse up, and it is sold in tons of stores for about $40! Keep in mind my membership was $80, and it was supposed to be a $400 purse!
    Up to this point, everything has been a lie! I’m starting to doubt anyone ever actually wins the Gucci purse they claim to give away each month.
    To make matters worse, I call to cancel, and they wouldn’t do it! The website claims you can cancel at anytime, right? Hello, lie #2! I spent 10 minutes repeatedly asking to just cancel the account, and the woman was literally begging me, “Please just give us another try. I’ll send you a catalog so you can see our new purses”. I told her at least 5 times that I didn’t care how pretty the bags were. This was not my issue, as the bags themselves didn’t look bad aside from the poor quality; I explained over and over that I would NOT pay $80/month for a $40 bag!
    FINALLY, after threatening to contact the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General did she cancell my account.
    PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY, LADIES!! Take that $80 (or $40 for the gold membership) and buy something that is actually worth it, and that you actually like!
    I personally subscribe to THIRTEEN different subscription memberships, from makeup to clothing and everything in between, and Luxy Purse was BY FAR the biggest disappointment!!

  5. They sure do make it sound good “Top designers in the world” yet not even branding on the bag or paperwork! What “TOP” designer doesn’t brand their bag???
    Cancel please!

  6. Customer service is horrible. First bag that arrived looked horrendous. If somebody paid me to take that purse out for an hour, I would refuse! Told them I would not even pay them $20 for that crap. Sent me a catalog for me to choose from, had platinum membership and googled those bags.. not even worth $40.00. Membership being canceled

  7. Just got my first Platinum membership purse, which they advertise should be worth over $400. So I looked it up online and found it on Poshmark and Nordstrom rack for about $20. This is a total ripoff. Cancelling my membership.

  8. I received my second bag…gave the first one to my aunt. I agree, it was odd that there wasn’t a profile to fill out. Wasn’t impressed, just thought maybe my expectations were too high, I signed up because my handbag fetish was getting too expensive after having 3 kids and moving to the PNW. I wanted to branch out and start carrying less designer and more trendy bags without having to sell an organ or a kid… First bag, the stitching was okay, but not my style (hence giving it to my aunt)…second bag the style was cute, but the stitching and quality were HORRENDOUS…I agree with the previous comments, Target, even Walmart would have better quality bags at a fraction of the cost. Cheap materials and horrible craftsmanship. I also attempted to cancel and she told me to look at the catalog she would send over…I told her the issue was with the quality, how can I gauge the quality from a picture? She assured me that I just needed to give them another chance. My account is suspended until August since I was adamant about not getting charged for another month. I am pretty confident that I will be canceling…still waiting on that catalog though…

  9. I cancelled my subscription. I had to dispute them as a scam with my bank because they kept pulling money out of my account saying they canceled. It’s funny that that they pull from different accounts every month trying to pass it off as it’s not them. Also The purse I got was HORRENDOUS. and when I googled the designer I found out it was worth 35$ not 150$. THEY ARE A SCAM.

    1. I signed up for platinum service and so far I have received two handbags that look like they came from Walmart. I emailed the company and went to their website this morning. Website is not working and email bounced back. This is a total scam!

  10. 1st purse was great. I guess because I got to choose it myself. Months 2 & 3 complete misses. The bags we so small I would have to buy a new purse to be able to use them. Both my phone and purse would not fit in either of the bags. After several emails, phone calls and broken promises from them. I Called vmail said they were closed during business. So I sent another email. Returned failure to deliver. I tried the website…..gone. I filed a dispute with my bank. The CSR said the company name changed every month so I could not put a stop payment on the subscription. She also said if the company had a certain amount of complaints filed through the consumers banks it gets shut down. Now I’m out of $80 and have to change everything so these unethical business vultures won’t keep charging my account when they feel like it.

  11. I have CANCELED my subscription but you don’t pay attention to me I DO NOT need anymore CANCEL All ORDERS

  12. If the company won’t cancel your subscription, I’d recommend filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They’ll get it done for you.

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