10 Makeup Hacks That You’ll Love

Learning how to apply makeup correctly can literally be a crash course. From contouring your face to getting the perfect wing eyeliner, it takes patience and a ton of practice. I am currently still perfecting my makeup application skills after about three years of wearing it regularly. Just taking it one day at a time lol. While on the journey, I ran across some amazing tips to make the process a little bit easier. Check out some of these makeup hacks below:

#1 Make Your Beauty Blender Look Good As New In One Minute

This tip is a newbie but definitely my fave. Clean your dirty beauty blender by putting it in a cup filled with soap and water and microwaving it for 1 minute. It will look as good as new.

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#2 Reform Dried Out Mascara with Eye Drops

If your mascara is dry or clumpy, add 4-5 drops of eye drops in the tube, give it a stir and you should be able to use it again.

#3  Apply Eyelashes using a Bobby Pin

I have the hardest time applying false lashes! The glue can get a bit messy. But, if you apply the glue with the tip of a bobby pin it can help make the process much easier.

#4 No More Lipstick On Your Teeth

Getting lipstick on your teeth can be embarrassing. A quick solve to is to put your finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and then pull your finger out to remove excess lipstick.

#5 Lower Eyelash Mascara Miracle

Make sure you don’t get mascara under your eyes when applying it to your lower eyelids by putting a spoon under the lash when applying. It will capture the excess mascara leaving you looking great.

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#6 Plump Up Your Lips

If you want your lips to look fuller you will love this hack. Use a darker lip liner to outline your lips, then fill in the center with a lighter color. Finally, apply your lipstick. This technique will make your lips look plump and pretty.

#7 Have Long Lasting Lip Colors Forever

Speaking of lipstick, make sure your lip color last all day by holding a tissue to your lips after application and using a brush to sweep setting powder over them. It will work like magic.

#8 Elongate Your Lashes

Lengthen your lashes with baby powder. Simply apply mascara, then apply baby powder using the same applicator and apply a second coat of mascara.

#9 Contour Your Face Using The “3” Technique

Want to make sure you highlight and contour your face in the right areas? Easy! Apply in the shape of a three over your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

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#10 Eliminate Dark Under Eyes

If you’re anything like me, you have a dark circle under your eyes. Sometimes it can be from a fatigue or can be hereditary. Brighten up your problem areas by applying your concealer in triangle shapes under your eyes.



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