Ombre Lips! My Little Obsession

Doing my makeup is one of my favorite ways to express my creativity. I’m learning that it takes precision and patients to achieve a well-blended face. In my opinion, your makeup is not complete with a little pop of color. Aside from eyeshadow selection, your lip color choice will change the dynamic of your whole look. For instance, a soft pink color will look more natural whereas a vibrant red will add a bit of flare and boldness to your creation. For about a year or so I’ve been obsessed with ombre lips. Whether you use two or three different colors or different tones of one specific shade, it adds depth and makes your lips stand out more than using just one color. My favorite ombre lips are variations of red or brown. I’ve been rocking red lips a lot lately. I’m a little obsessed with the NYX Simply Vamp Lip Crème combo (Bewitching and Knock Out). I think it looks great on my lips (see below). If you’re an ombre fan as well, what are some of your favorite color blends? Let me know in the comments below or drop a pic if you like. Also, ladies if you can’t seem to perfect the ombre look on your own puckers, I’ve got you covered. Check out the step by step visuals below to help you along the way. xoxo L


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