Simple Activities to Relieve Stress and Tension


Has it been one of those days where everything went wrong? You ran late for work, missed lunch and attended meetings all day. Take it from me (the queen of stress), sometimes you need to step away from your situation, reduce tension and relax. According to the American Psychological Association, the most common sources of stress is money (62%), work (61%) and violence/crime (51%). Stress can lead to serious health problems like a suppressed immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems. Nothing is worth risking your great health over. Here are some ways that can help you relieve stress and just chill.


Exercising regularly can be the most effective way to relieve stress and it is an easy at home activity.

Relaxing Bath


My personal favorite way to ease tension is with a nice candlelit bath. It sets you in another mind frame while allowing you to focus on relaxing.


Turn on your favorite tunes and let your mind be taken away with the beat. Music is one of the best ways to put yourself to sleep so you can get enough rest and forget about all the stress.


Speaking of sleep, receiving the recommended 8 hours a night can drastically reduce stress levels. It calms and restores the body, improves concentration, regulates mood, and sharpens decision-making.

Massage Therapy


Getting a massage helps in relaxing tension in your muscles. Even a quick massage can decrease your heart rate, which reduces the stress response. You can find an affordable 30-minute massage on websites like Groupon for about $20.


7 thoughts on “Simple Activities to Relieve Stress and Tension

  1. Great advice, LaNese! Another thing that I’ve found great in reducing stress is turning off technology and the t.v. at least an hour before bed, and instead, reading a good book.

    1. I totally agree. I try to turn off all technology at least 30 mins before I fall asleep.

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