Body Chains: The Must Have Swimwear Accessory


Whether you are chilling poolside or enjoying the sandy beaches, we know you will be rocking an amazing swimsuit. What better way to add some personality to your cute bikini than with accessories. One of my favorite accessories thus far are body chains. These unique pieces are both sexy and cute while accentuating different parts of your physique. Body chains can range from garter chains to belly chains, so you won’t run out of variety.  While they are incredibly stylish, I have seen plenty of boutiques selling them for astronomical prices. The highest I have run across was upwards of $300. Luckily, there are still retailers around the world who provide quality chains at a fair price. Check out these shops below.

Nicola Gold Diamanta Garter – $35.00 at Pretty Little Thing


Silver Iridescent Diamante Belly Chain – $10.00 at Pretty Little Thing


Rhinestone Body Chain – $7.99 at Charlotte Russe


Treasure Chest Bra Chain (Rose Gold) – $7.99 at Fashion Nova


Layered Rhinestone Body Chain – $20.00 at Forever 21 


ASOS DESIGN Ball Chain Belly Harness – $11.00 at ASOS



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