5 Tips to Achieve Fuller Lips Naturally


Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner announced that she no longer has lip fillers. I must say, I am super proud of her for removing them because either way she is still beautiful. While I’m not opposed to enhancements, I’m happy that she is learning to love her natural lips. It’s safe to say the Kylie set a major trend of women wanting plump lips. Let not forget the disastrous and harmful shot glass lips. But fuller lips can be achieved SAFELY without any plastic surgery ladies. It’s all about the art of allusion and some awesome application techniques. Want to learn how plump your pout?! Check out the tips and tricks below.

Lip Liner to the Rescue
One popular secret to fuller lips is lip liner. “Pick a lip liner that’s one-to-two shades darker than your natural lip color, then outline and fill in your entire lips with it,” says makeup artist Hilary Kline.

Add Dimension
According to makeup artist Shannon Grey Williams, you should choose light lip shades over darker ones. “It’s basic color theory: Light things appear to be magnified,” says Williams.

Exfoliate Your Lips
Exfoliating removes dead skin while stimulating blood flow to the lips leaving them rosy and plump. (Sidenote: only exfoliate once a week)

Add Gloss
Adding shimmery gloss to your natural lips or on top of a lip color makes your lips look plumper by picking up natural light and reflecting it back.

Using the ombre lip technique works as a great trick to make your puckers look larger.



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