Fabulash: Apply Your False Eyelashes Easier

Hey ladies! If you follow my Instagram page or have read some of my previous post about makeup then you know that I’ve always struggled with eyelash application. For some reason, my brain was not sending the right signal to my hands and I could not apply them to save my life. Well, I am happy to say that is all in my past because I have officially learned how to apply my own falsies! That’s right, bring on all those amazing lash strips. By no means am I an expert, but I am 10 times better than I was 6 months ago. While teaching myself, I stumbled across some cool tricks that helped my process go smoothly. If you’re on the struggle bus like I was, check them out below.

Buy Cheap Lashes
Now don’t give me the side eye ladies. When you’re a beginner there is a lot of trial and error, so why waste money on expense eyelashes when you can easily find a cute pair for about $5.00. I practiced using the Ardell Natural Lashes, they can be found at Target. These lashes look and feel natural, just like its name.

Let the Glue Set
After finding the perfect pair, to begin, apply the glue directly to the strip. The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is to let the glue set for 20-30 seconds before you apply the lash to your eyelid. You don’t want the glue to be wet, it should be somewhat firm making the lash easy to tack down. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way.

Look Down
I found it to be much easier to apply my lashes when I am looking down at my mirror instead of straightforward. It allowed me to lay the strip on top of my natural lashes without much error.

Secure with Tweezers
Once you falsies are in the right position on your lid ensure they are fully attached with tweezers. Slide your eyelashes in between the tweezer and gently press down to make sure the ends won’t lift.

Voila! You’ve now applied amazing false lashes that will take your makeup up a notch.

After my eyelash application.

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