Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Every Girl


Love is in the air ladies and gents. You know what that means, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are celebrating with your lover, friends or family you want to look great right? I know the two questions I always ask myself are how am I going to do my hair and what will I be wearing. While you may have already picked out the perfect hairdo, you may still be in search of a cute ensemble. Check out my Valentine’s Day outfit selection and details below. It’s cute and simple; let’s face it, you can’t wrong with black and red on V’day! If this look is not the style you’re thinking of choosing, no worries.  Check out the awesome online retailers that I’ve listed for the right outfit for you. Each has an array of looks and they have Valentine’s Day deals! Win-win. 🙂 

My Valentine’s Day Outfit


  • Top: Sorry guys I bought this black top two years ago from Macy’s. 
  • Skirt: Woven Tartan Check Wrap Mini Skirt from Boohoo
  • Beret: Felt Beret from Boohoo
  • Boots:  Autumn Daze Lace-Up Booties from JustFab
  • Purse: So Posh Crossbody Bag from JustFab
Online retailers with V’day outfits





Forever 21







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