4 Cool Ways to Wear a Button Down Shirt


Everyone has a few favorite tops that they love to wear. Well, at least I do. One of my faves happens to be a white button-down shirt. It’s classic, crisp and gives me major boss babe vibes. I try not to wear it too often, but every now and again I find myself rocking it twice in one week. So what do you do to try not to look like a repeat outfit offender? The key is adding a new twist to your top by styling it differently. I’ve checked out a few blog sites and some of you ladies are super creative when comes to awesome new looks for one shirt. While I for sure can’t recreate all of the looks, because let’s face it, I’m not super crafty when it comes to clothing alteration. Nevertheless, I did found 4 cool ways to wear a button down shirt. Check them out below.

Front Tie – Keep it casual and cute during your day when you style your top with a front tie.


Classic – Who runs the world? Girls! Roll up your sleeves (literally) and wear your buttoned down top the classic girl boss way


Off the Shoulder – Add a dash of sexy to your look when you wear your button down top off the shoulder.


Unbuttoned – Want a relaxed look? Simply rock your button-down top unbuttoned with a cami or fitted t-shirt.


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