SHEIN Haul: Summer Clothes and Review


Ladies, I think I have a new favorite online boutique. It’s beyond affordable and provides a variety of clothing options. Can you guess which it is? It’s SHEIN! I was in need of more summer clothes and ran across this website thanks to a Facebook ad. Now, it’s not the first time I’ve seen a SHEIN ad, but it’s the first time I followed through on a purchase. I was pretty skeptical for a number of reasons but I was pleasantly surprised by their products. So, long story short I decided to do a SHEIN haul/review to show you guys most of the awesome items I bought. 

Quality – I am big on clothing quality. I hate paper thin clothes that are see through. This was my top reason for skepticism of the brand. But I must say that while the quality isn’t “Gucci” great, the fabric feels great on my skin.

Clothing Size – The reason I was doubtful about SHEIN is my experience with international companies. Eighty percent of the clothing I purchased was not the size featured on the website. They were either too small or too large. Luckily, all the outfits I purchased on SHEIN were true to size.

Reviews – Reviews are your best friend when it comes to shopping online in general. When purchasing clothes on SHEIN I read tons of reviews under each item I was interested in. One good thing about these reviews are that some of them feature images showing how the shipped product looks.

Shipping – One word. Fast. I received all my products within 4 days after purchase.

Now the best part, check out my SHEIN clothes below:

Joyfunear Notched Collar Blazer & O-ring Detail Shorts Set

Sunflower Print Criss Cross Back Cami Sundress

SHEIN Knotted Front Crop Plunge Top

Elastic Waist Ripped Denim Shorts

SHEIN Paperbag Waist Button Front Patch Pocket Belted Skirt

Hope you all found some items you like in my Shein Haul!SHEIN Haul: Summer Clothes and Review Want a cute bag to go along with your cute look? Click here


16 thoughts on “SHEIN Haul: Summer Clothes and Review

  1. Love all the looks! They look good on you.That yellow and white skirt is needed in my wardrobe and so is the sunflower dress.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I found some cute things that fit well. My only recommendation would be to get clothes that have customer reviews and pics.

  2. All the pieces look great on you, but I think the sunflower dress is my favorite! It’s so bright and summery, and the silhouette is very flattering on you. Thanks again for stopping by my blog!


  3. You make an excellent model for these outfits (I especially love the sunflower dress!) and your backdrops are perfect! 🙂


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