What’s Your Skin Undertone? 3 Easy Ways to Find Out


I am an avid user of concealer as it covers the bags under my eyes! My daughter and no sleep are to blame lol. The brands I typically use are LA girl, NYX or Maybelline. My go-to concealer is L’Oréal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer! The coverage is amazing. Recently, I ran out of my handy concealer crayon, so I purchased a new one. But the concealer looked different on my skin. It appeared white and didn’t blend well.

I had no clue why the concealer didn’t look flawless on me until I checked the shade number and noticed it started with an “n” instead of “w”. To be fair, I didn’t know what the letters stood for or the difference in shades, but I typically get w 4-5. So I googled it and realized that “n” and “w” stood for neutral and warm which represents your skin undertones. Bingo! Upon my research, I learned that I have warm undertones, hence why my warm-toned concealer crayon blended so well in comparison to neutral stick I picked up. Crisis averted! If you are like me and unsure what’s your skin’s undertone, check out these 3 ways to find out if you are cool, neutral or warm-toned.

Vein Check

Your veins don’t lie. The number one way (at least in my book) to figure out your skin’s undertone is by pulling up your sleeve and checking the color of the veins. If they appear blue, you’re cool-toned. If green, you’re warm-toned. If you have can’t see them or they’re purple, you probably have neutral undertones.


Gold or Silver

Grab some of your gold and silver jewelry from your dresser. Do you look fabulous in the gold or silver pieces? If gold, you’re warm-toned. Silver, you’re cool-toned. If you look amazing in both, my best bet is you’re neutral-toned

Tan or Burn

Who doesn’t love beach days? But, when your soaking up the sun do you typically burn or tan? Burning is an indicator of cool undertones while tanned skin is typically warm-toned.

So, what’s the verdict? Are you warm, cool, or neutral? …While we’re on the subject of our skin, don’t forget to protect it from the suns UV rays with these 5 best sunscreens.

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12 thoughts on “What’s Your Skin Undertone? 3 Easy Ways to Find Out

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don’t think everyone knows exactly what their undertone is so I thought this would be helpful.

  1. I’ve just learned I’m warm! That may explain why I get so many compliments when I wear earth tones. Thanks!

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