Easy Summertime Mango Margarita Recipe

It’s 90 degrees in Texas! That’s right, the sun is shining and I’m slowly melting away. What better way to combat the heat than sipping on something cool and tasty? My mango margarita will do the trick. If you know me, then you know I’m not a big drinker, but when I do, the drink has to be sweet. If you are like me, you’ll love my mango margarita! Plus, the recipe is super easy and requires 6 ingredients. Check out the recipe below:



First, prep your glass by dipping the brim of the glass in a bowl of water.

Next, dip the brim of the glass in sugar to coat. Place aside.

Cut a slice of lime and place it on the brim of the glass (on top of the sugar).

In a blender, combine the ice, tequila and mango margarita mix.

Blend well until there are no chunks of ice left.

Pour into your prepared glass. Enjoy!

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