How to get Defined and Hydrated 3C/4A Curls


Whether you have curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair, every hair type can be hard to manage at times. My daughter’s hair is no different. She has 3c hair and while it is curly, it can be a battle to do. The curls can get extremely dry, which makes it hard to comb through, resulting in tangled stressed out hair and a sad teary-eyed Laila. I have tried many products in her hair throughout the years, sticking with natural products (keep the chemicals away from her curly ques) with quality ingredients. I figured all natural products worked for every hair type, but I was wrong. 

TIP 1: I recommend deep conditioning your hair for about 15-20 mins with the Ouidad triple threat deep conditioner.

Recently I want on a scavenger hunt on google to try and figure out why Laila’s curls were not moisturized or defined the way I wanted them to be. I stumbled across Natural Curly’s texture quiz, and after I completed it, I was sent articles that highlighted products that worked best for her hair type. It felt like I had just found the lost treasure of Atlantis. I went to Ulta and Target the next morning to get the products featured and went to work on Laila’s hair. Needless to say, the products combined power worked together to create hair magic. Laila’s curls were finally defined and hydrated. Plus, it stayed that way without any additional products (just a few sprays of leave-in conditioner everyday) for four days. So, ladies, if you’re struggling with your 3c/4a hair, check out the products listed below.

The holy quadruple for 3c/4a curls:

    • Mielle Shampoo
    • Ouidad triple threat deep conditioner
    • Shea moisture virgin coconut oil leave-in conditioner
    • Devacurl defining gel
TIP 2: Fingers coil strands of wet hair separately when applying the defining gel.

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